Utilizing Fresh Produce in Delicious Dishes This Summer

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4 Tips For Planning A Summer Wedding Menu

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Summer is a great season for weddings. The season coincides with vacation time for many people, the sunshine and seasonal beauty give you many gorgeous photo opportunities, and the warm weather means that you can hold your wedding and reception partially or fully outdoors, which can give you a lot more space and scope for creativity. However, it's important to take the season into account when planning the menu for your reception – what works for other seasons won't necessarily work for a summer wedding. Take a look at a few tips that can make your wedding menu perfectly suited for the season.

Skip the Soup Course

A soup course is a typical component of a traditional formal sit-down meal with multiple courses, but you may want to reconsider it for a summer wedding. Soup is less enjoyable when the weather is warm outside.

Instead, consider substituting a colorful fruit salad. Chilled summer fruits like melons and berries are refreshing for your guests and a nice change of pace. Plus, the bright colors make for a beautiful seasonal presentation.

If you really prefer to have a soup course, consider serving chilled soups like gazpacho, salmorejo, or avocado cucumber soup. These elegant chilled dishes will be a welcome alternative to steaming hot soups.

Create Summer-Friendly Signature Cocktails

Chilled or even frozen cocktails are the way to go during the summer. Think in terms of beach drinks, like margaritas and mojitos, or consider southern summer favorites like hard lemonades and iced teas. Combine these basic cocktail ideas with summer fruit flavors like mango and watermelon to create signature cocktails with their own unique twist.

Watch Out For Foods That Melt in the Heat

If you're going to serve food outside, be aware of whether the foods you're planning to serve will hold up against the summer heat. In high temperatures, the cheeses on your perfectly presented cheese and fruit trays may begin to sweat, lose their shape, or harden. Chocolate-covered strawberries will quickly become melted messes.

Either create an indoor station to serve the most temperature-sensitive foods or replace them with something more temperature-appropriate. For example, serve crudités and dipping sauce instead of cheese and crackers during cocktail hour.

Avoid Wedding Cake Woes

The last thing that you want is a wedding cake that leans or frosting that melts because of the heat. Stick with pale colored frosting, because it won't show as easily if it runs than darker, more dramatic colors will. Or you may want to consider a trendy "naked cake", which has filling between tiers, but avoids the layers of frosting and fondant that are most likely to melt in the heat.

With a little planning and a great caterer, like Mascaro's Catering, your summer wedding menu will be a big hit with your guests. Be sure to ask your caterer about more strategies you can use to make the most out of seasonal food and recipes.