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Supplies For Gluten-Free At-Home Cooking

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If you are someone who has a gluten sensitivity, then it is important that you stock your home with the proper ingredients. Gluten-free recipes are not like regular recipes. When you're planning a recipe for someone with a gluten sensitivity, you cannot use regular flour. Therefore, it is important to have all of the regular flour alternatives on hand. This list will cover some of the regular flour alternatives, as well as some other items you should have on hand.

Almond Flour For Cakes and Cookies

A really versatile flour to have on hand is almond flour. It works well with both cookies, cakes, and breads. It is also easier to find than some of the more esoteric flours such as coconut. While you can attempt to make almond flour at home in a food processor, it is much easier to simply buy it from the grocery store. Almond flour has a very fine texture, which makes it especially great for delicate cakes and cookies. If you are planning on making bread, you might want to look into adding additional gluten-free flours such as buckwheat or rice.

Gluten-Free Breadcrumbs

Don't forget to make sure that you have gluten-free breadcrumbs on hand. Many recipes call for breadcrumbs, and standard breadcrumbs are mostly made with regular gluten flour. So, if you happen to make recipes such as eggplant parmigiana or chicken cutlets, then you should make sure and have gluten-free breadcrumbs on hand. They last a long time, so it's a great item to keep in your pantry. 

Leaveners: Baking Powder, Baking Soda, and Yeast

Don't forget to make sure you have leaveners on hand. One of the biggest criticisms of gluten-free baked breads is that they are too dense. One issue that causes this is a lack of good leaveners. So,make sure that you have fresh leaveners on hand. You should have baking soda and powder for quick breads and fresh yeast for breads and desserts such as cinnamon buns.

A List of Gluten-Free Bread Recipes

Finally, you will want to have a list of gluten-free bread recipes on hand. As the gluten-free diet has become more popular, there are more and more recipes being developed for various breads and pastries. There are websites as well as recipe books that are specifically geared towards people who cannot consume flour. You should only use these recipes and not try and substitute gluten-free flours in regular recipes as the other ingredient proportions might not be right.