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Grill Pellets Will Add Flavor To Your Meals

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Hardwood shavings and sawdust are used to manufacture grill pellets. Pellets are a fuel source that was originally designed for use with pellet grills. The popularity of the smoke-infused taste that meats, vegetables, and seafoods have achieved with the use of grill pellets has led to more and more people using this type of product to add flavor to items that are being cooked on charcoal or gas grill models.

How Pellets Work

A pellet grill model contains a hopper and an auger. Upon filling the hopper, the auger will pull pellets into the firepot, where they are ignited. As the pellets burn down, more are released from the hopper. With this type of cooking method, an end-user can add more pellets to the hopper as needed.

Pellets will also ignite when added to the bottom of a gas or charcoal grill. The main fuel source for either of these grill types can be used in conjunction with a layer of mesquite grill pellets. For instance, if pellets are going to be added to a charcoal grill, an individual could first add a layer of charcoal to the grill, in the manner that they normally would.

Afterward, they have the option of adding a layer of Mesquite grill pellets on top of the charcoal. Upon ignition, the smoky scent of the charcoal would combine with the mesquite scent that is being released by the pellets. 

Different Preparation Methods

Acquiring a satisfying mesquite scent and flavor may require that you try out some different preparation methods. Pellets can be added to the grill once, especially if you are going to be cooking burgers, hot dogs, or another food item that cooks relatively quickly.

If your first attempt to enhance the flavor of food isn't a success, adjust the level of pellets that are added during subsequent grilling sessions. A brisket or another large cut of meat may require multiple applications of mesquite pellets. If you will be slow cooking an item for hours, check on the status of the grilled item and add more pellets to the hopper or the bottom of the grill as needed.

Combine two or more pellet flavors together, to create meals that have a unique taste. To add a subtle amount of smoky flavor to your grilled items, wrap pellets in aluminum foil. Poke holes in the foil and add the foil pouch to the bottom of your charcoal or gas grill.

If you're looking to try cooking with pellets, talk to a supplier to find the right pellets, such as Mesquite grill pellets.