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Game Nights: Easy Indian Food Delivery Options For Family & Friends

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When planning a board game night for family and friends, there multiple important decisions to make. You have to chose who to invite. You have to chose the best games. You have to chose the best food options for everyone involved. Ideally, you want to select foods that are easy to pick up, eat, and share with others. Ordering out is a great way to enjoy hot food options without preparing in the kitchen the whole time. If you're looking for something delicious and creative, then you can find a lot of options with Indian food delivery. Indian restaurants provide a lot of different meal options and there are a number of menu items that cater directly to the atmosphere with family game night. Browse through various options and see the different things you can order the next time you play.


If you're looking for something that's bursting with flavor and easy to eat, then you cannot go wrong with a huge order of samosa. The traditional Indian dish features a piece of dough that is typically shaped into a triangle, stuffed with ingredients, and fried to a crispiness. The inside of a samosa may be filled with potatoes, peas, and other vegetables. A restaurant may also have meat options that include minced beef or lamb. When selecting this menu option, you can also have a number of dipping sauces to go along with it. By ordering a huge platter, it's easy to grab a bite, dip it in sauce, and then get back to playing your game while eating the meal. You can order a number of varieties to provide guests with different flavors.

Tandoori Chicken

Chicken wings are great for any party, including a family game night. The Indian version of this great food is known as Tandoori chicken. This is essentially chicken wings made with a number of spices and also mixed with yogurt to add a nice creamy sweetness. Ordering this food makes it easy to eat and provides plenty of protein for all of your guests.

Chicken Lollipop

A similar option to the Tandoori chicken is a chicken lollipop. The lollipop shape of the chicken is formed when the bone is exposed to reveal a large stick. The top of the lollipop is a delicious piece of meat that can be easily eaten while rolling dice, shouting out guesses, or playing a variety of other games. Chicken lollipops can often be ordered in large batches to provide you with plenty of food for your guests.

Gobi 65

Providing a nice vegetable treat for your guests can also be done through an Indian restaurant. One of the more popular options is the Gobi 65. This dish is made using cauliflower chunks that have coated in flour and deep fried until it is crisp and golden brown. A variety of spices are used to add flavor and really make the cauliflower pop. To make serving easier, toothpicks can be used to pick up the pieces and easily insert them in your mouth.

Gulab Jamun

Along with main eating options, you can also order a nice dessert treat for everyone at your party. This can come in the form of Gulab Jamun. These small dessert balls are typically made with curd milk, lightly covered in flour, and then deep fried. They are an easy treat to share and just a few of them can be very filling. These are best served warm and can be microwaved just prior to serving to your guests. A syrup sauce may be served with this dessert treat for dipping. Extra balls can given to any of the players that won the various games.

Contact a local Indian restaurant, such as Deccan Spice, to get their full menu and to see all of the options.